How Technology Plays His Role

James Bridle is the speaker of TED TALKS on July 13, 2018. He talked about his works  concerned in technology but the funny fact is he doesn’t really trust in technology. He explained about what happen in the internet nowadays especially on YouTube.

There are many contents spreading on internet. One of them is “surprise egg” video. Basically this video is about someone opening up loads of chocolate eggs during 7 minutes just to show all about it which is really wasting time and useless. On the other hand this kind of video has many viewers and many subscribers. From all the contents on YouTube, there are many similar contents especially for kids channel. And also some contents being abused from the cute and adorable things to horrible and make traumatized for children.

So, as a parents it’s necessary to always guide the children when they are watching video on YouTube and give parental guide so they keep in track to watch proper video suiting their age. Moreover parents have to educate their children how to use YouTube wisely.


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