Good city for living from the largest cities of the world

Do you know the largest city in the world ? With the wide world that contain of many continents there are five cities that largest in the world, such as : Los Angeles (LA), London, Shanghai, Mexico City and Tokyo. Perhaps we ever imagine to live in these cities, but before deciding to live in it that is better to observe and know the condition of the city, including population, supplied basic services, clean water and the rate of mortality.

According to the data of five largest cities there are many comparisons from each city, such as: London is the noisest city but have in common with Tokyo in very good supplying of basic services for their society. In addition Tokyo is the safest city to live in with the mortality rate only 1.4 per 100.000 people, yet that city is the heaviest traffic congestion with around 44.8/km per hour in rush hour. Besides, Mexico City is the worst water polution city with only have 2 point from score out of ten for cleaning water. And also Tokyo, Shanghai and LA are the good city in education with the percentage up to 90% of children in secondary school. From all the description its very interesting to compare two cities that bring representative of two continents, both are : LA as America and Shanghai as Asia.

LA and Shanghai are the good city to live in it. With the different continents that influence the lifestyle and culture. First, LA is the fewest inhabitants than the other city but become the second big number of murder after Mexico City that’s around 12.4 per 100.000 people and also the providing of clean water not really good its only 3 point from the score out of ten. With this situation that is need more struggling to survive for living in LA. Second, Shanghai is the city of Asia that provide good water with the point of 7. Besides the rate of murder is lower than LA its only 2.5 per 100.000 people, so it is safe to live. Especially for Indonesian with the same continent and not really big space of culture it will be easier to live in Shanghai.

From all data above, to decide for living between LA or Shanghai is on your own perseption. For those who like challenging it will be nice to live in LA with the all hard condition, but Shanghai also is the good choises for living by consideration of safety life and clean water. For me I prefer to choose LA for enjoying my life in it.

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